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Can a priest bless the entire ocean and make it to holy water?

Do priests have an effective blessing range? How many priests to bless an ocean?

Or does that require a pope? Or even Jesus himself. Jesus has to be like max level. Best support character ever. He has resurrection skills, water walk, healing and can turn water to wine.

If Jesus is level 100, what then is the pope? Can Jesus at level 100 bless the entire planet of water?

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    What makes you think you're important enough to bother me, dear one?

    No, a priest cannot make a thimbleful of water holy except in his eyes and the eyes of his fellow believers unless he has authority from Jesus Christ (not some seminary) to do so.

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    Typically there are rather strict religious "regulations" regarding what TYPE of water

    and/or the SOURCE of the water

    and/or the manner in which the water is stored

    for said water to be considered "undefiled" and/or "suitable" for being blessed as (made into) "holy water".

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    when i go to a Buffett I pray over all the food for the day in case someone else forgets. They'd have even greater blessings if they remembered to pray themsleves.

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    Holy water is fake.

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    No Scriptural basis for this BS!

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    'Blessing' something has absolutely no effect on anything.

    Nothing is 'holy'.

    Anyone can say anything at all over water, a puddle, a pond, a lake, a river, an ocean - it makes no difference to anything.

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    You don't even need a priest for it. You can do it yourself. Everybody can do it.

    The effect is absolutely the same.

    "Do priests have an effective blessing range?"

    The blessing range is limited only by their imagination. The actual effect is the same, no matter the distance, area or volume.

    "How many priests to bless an ocean?"

    You need less than one priests to bless an ocean.

    "Or does that require a pope?"

    Not necessary.

    "Or even Jesus himself. Jesus has to be like max level."

    Nothing indicates that Jesus actually existed or that the stories about him might be remotely true.

  • "Priests can bless any amount of water but they only do so when they’re confident that the holy water can be set aside for sacremental use/religious purposes. Currently the water in Lake Michigan is used for NON-sacremental purposes (speed boat racing, washing cars, flushing toilets…) so making the whole lake into holy water is a recipe for sacrelige."

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    Since it's all play-pretend, you can bless the methane oceans on Titan for all the universe cares.

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