How to get an English course related job in japan?

I'm currently on my 3rd year in my AB English course and I'm desperate to work on Japan after my graduation. I surfed the net on how to do so but so far, all I can see is that they must be a Native English speaker. If not, they must have at least 10 years of teaching experience. I'm a Filipino but I'm sure my English speaking is fine. Please help. It does not really need to be a teacher for a job. Its just my dream to work on Japan.

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  • 2 years ago
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    You can visit Hello Work, ハローワーク, or 職業安定所, which introduces jobs to you.

    Many Japanese seek for job freely with specialized PC at the facility, but others, you too can consult matters to the stuff at particular counter.

    You can see much more jobs there with the PC able to narrow down your likes of job than your PC.

    Seek for a public employment security office with the keyword "ハローワーク" and your local area in the Internet.

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