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Are Catholic beliefs and practices biblical?

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    No. Here are just a few discrepancies between what the Catholic church teaches and what The Bible Says:

    1. The Catholic Church claims that the Pope speaks for God and acts as his mediator. The Bible says

    1 Timothy 2:5-6

    5 For there is [only] one God, and [only] one Mediator between God and mankind, the Man Christ Jesus, 6 who gave Himself as a ransom [a substitutionary sacrifice to atone] for all, the testimony given at the right and proper time.

    Christ was and is the only mediator between God and man. Not the Pope.

    2. Catholics teach that Mary was sinless.

    The Bible says:

    Romans 3:23

    23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

    3. Catholics reject the Biblical account of creation in favor of evolutionary process due to the declaration of Pope Francis that it was ok.

    Conversely, the Bible demonstrates that Jesus himself takes the account found in Genesis literally in

    Matthew 19:3-5

    3 And Pharisees came to Jesus, testing Him and asking, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for just any reason?” 4 He replied, “Have you never read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female, 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and shall be joined inseparably to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?...

    4. Catholics teach that there is a place called Purgatory in which the souls of those who have recently died dwell in fire and are cleansed of unconfessed sin before entering heaven. Purgatory is not Biblical in the least. If fire could cleanse sin, there was never any need for a Christ to begin with.

    5. The Catholic Church claims to be the original church but the word Catholic is nowhere in scripture. Instead we have Acts 11:26 which informs us that followers of Christ were called "Christians" first in Antioch.

    6. Catholics do not believe that you can pray to God directly for forgiveness. They believe you must confess your sins to a priest at which point he will give you a set of rituals to complete at which point you receive forgiveness. This is not Biblical.

    1 John 1:9 Amplified Bible (AMP)

    9 If we [freely] admit that we have sinned and confess our sins, He is faithful and just [true to His own nature and promises], and will forgive our sins and cleanse us continually from all unrighteousness [our wrongdoing, everything not in conformity with His will and purpose].

    7. Catholics pray to Mary and several other saints. They have saints that they pray to for a number of things including but by no means limited to, lost causes, house selling and alcoholics. Nowhere in the Bible is the decree that you must pray to dead human beings to make intercession for these things. In fact, it's a violation of the first commandment.

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    most are not

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    I'm surprised at your ignorance. If you're going to hate the Catholic Church, at least get the story straight.

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    Some are, some aren't.

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    some are but they need a serious update to their ways of being with folks we are all equal in the eyes of God as the soul within says it must be so. Amen and Om Shantih.

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    All of them.

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    No, they are not.

    Bowing to carved images and praying to dead humans is strictly forbidden in the Bible. So is ascribing deity to human beings

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    No, Catholicism is a combination of Christianity and paganism. Many of the practices of the Catholic Church or actually not from the Bible. Many of the practices actually go against what it says in the Bible. I should know or used to be Catholic now I'm a born-again Christian. What's really funny is most Catholics don't even read the Bible. If you actually read the Bible they would question why their religion goes against it For example Catholics pray the rosary. Jesus says in the bible to not pray repetitive prayers like that the heathen. Well praying the rosary is saying Hail Marys 10 times then followed by one hour father than 10 more hell Mary's. This is done five separate times. over and over and over again. Being a priest or nun is not something that's in the Bible. Also Jesus said that only God and God alone can forgive sins. The Catholics make you tell your sins to a priest . A priest cannot forgive your sins only God can. This is just a few of many many of the contradictions of the Catholic Church. I can really go on and on and on about this.

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    What did Early Christians have, before there was the Bible?

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