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How much longer will it be before the media, and society in general will stop focusing on millennials?

The Millennial generation, or Gen-Y, is of course, the gen immediately following Gen-X.

Gen-Xers are people born between 1965 and 1979. People aged 39 to 53.

Gen-Yers are people born between 1980 and 1994. People aged 24 to 38.

In simpler terms, Gen-Xers are '80s kids. Gen-Yers are '90s kids.

That being said, why is so much attention seemingly given more to millenials?

Does media consumption have something to do with this?

Commercialized Internet access wasn't officialized until 1995. Most Gen-Xers didn't start using it until they were in college or at least juniors or seniors in high school. Same with mobile tech.

Gen-Yers had the advantage of growing up with the Internet and with mobile tech.

When will the focus be taken off of millenials? In about 2 years, at least, when they will be considered "old"? I know in about 2 years, at least, '90s nostalgia will be over.

It seems like the focus was taken off of Gen-Xers when the 2000's ended. That's when '80s nostalgia ended.

Did Gen-Xers ever get as much attention as millenials? I don't recall.

I am just curious- please help. Thank you.

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    Millennials are receiving attention because they are entering the work force en masse, starting families, and are of legal voting age to influence the political system.

    Meanwhile, because advertisers and content makers have always appealed to the age 18-35 demographic (also known as the group with disposable income), it is only natural to market towards the Millennials.

    Focus may shift to Generation Z in 2-5 years, when they start entering the workforce. There are glimpses of their political influence following the Parkland shooting.

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    Gen Z is starting to grab attention now. Soon Millennials are going to to be has-beens.

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    You don't have to pay attention to it if it annoys you.

  • 2 years ago

    Approaching the year 3,000 most will get it wrong again.

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    I am an early boomer so have seen all this. The boomer had fewer children and many were not much younger than late boomers so we kinda ignored them as a generation. Now their children are our grandchildren and even fewer of them. They are having a rougher time getting started than earlier generations the oldest had the great recession now the younger just finished college. Some tend to not appear to be trying, living on avocado toast in parents basement, some are adults and parents or avoiding being parents.

    My nephew is 22 college grad but lived with grandparents until they moved away, now couch surfing. Took him a year to find his feet for work, just got his first ROTH and asking what to invest in next. Fun watching how they turn out, homeless but has an iPhone and investments, he will be fine and find his way in life. In college his mom just wished he would find something more important than energy drinks when he couldn't afford food or heat.

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