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Writing “scares” me, how do I help it to still be able to write..?

I’ve been writing for over 10 years, ever since I was a child. (20 now)

Always loved exploring the mysterious, death, God, watching the stars and writing my thoughts of other worlds.. I recieved wise advice from a few “mentors” and so I’d write diaries and include everything they told me.

In 2012 when moving, I realized how many papers I had with random notes and none of it was organized. Half the time I didn’t finish what I wrote bc I got distracted writing something else.

I can’t seem to pull myself to just throw the unfinished stuff away, because I want others to read my insight some day, so for 6 years I’ve been trying to play “catch up” and finish all of the random notes I wrote years ago, but also trying to write about today and new insight.

The beginning of this year lost a close friend and the topic of death scared me, I couldn’t open a notebook where I had previously written about death and freaked out if suicide was mentioned on tv.. Even being in my rm filled w notebooks was too much. (Ive seen ppl die but I guess friends death was more dramatic.)

I can write about death again, but when I have a stack of notebooks in front of me I seem to start freaking out thinking I’ll never finish it all, then I start thinking of my death again, and I have to put everything away before I freak out more...

Ppl say step back from writing but I cant, its my life and I feel I need it all “perfect” or whats the point of doing it?

How do I just stop overthinking and freaking out?

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    Painters spend a lot of time sketching. They have lots of sketch books with charcoal drawings. These are just sketches. A lot of them are very sketchy, done in a few seconds. The painter doesn't feel the need to finish all these sketches. What the painter finishes are paintings. It seems like your notebooks are analogous to sketch books.

    A notebook is good for getting ideas down quickly but the best thing for finishing something, writing really good prose, is the computer. The computer is a great writing tool in a number of ways. For one thing, it lets you see what a change looks like quickly and you can easily go back to the original if you don't like it. You can have different versions of a sentence or paragraph on the screen. You can also save old versions of the document.

    When you want to finish something with the computer, you can refer to your notebooks. You can use them the way a researcher uses a library.

    Bonus: two videos for exploring mysteries

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    Youtube thumbnail


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    Very best wishes for your happiness


    Source:) Study.

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    Write about what it is that actually scares you,sometimes you can only over come a fear if you face it head on,in your case it would be to write about what scares you in writing about death,writing is like a therapy in itself.

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