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Is it normal to feel like you know nothing about your future?

Seriously, I am in high school and its really stressful because we have to think about college and what we want to do when we get older, but that isnt the worst of it. I am a great student, i could tell you all about the laws of physics, or I could give a damn good explanation of any of Shakespeare's works, but I struggled to change the gas in my car alone for the first time.

I feel as though in high school you learn about education but not how to function as an adult. It makes me super scared, because me and anyone else my age really knows nothing about anything. I'm serious.

What the hell is a mortgage? How do you get a credit card? How do you pay taxes? How do you pay a credit card off every month?

Why do I feel like there are so many things i have to learn about my life outside of my parent's aid? It is so overwhelming because i don't even know the expanses of all the things I have to know.

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    I'm not sure this is an answer to your question, but I've always wished I could give a graduation speech about "The Unplanned Life". I had no idea what I wanted to do when I went to college. I majored in something it was impossible to get a job in. Then I ended up accidentally going to another country and falling into a job that turned out to be the love of my life. I had to go back to school twice, but ended up doing something I love, love, love. You don't need to know exactly what you want to do with your life at 18.

    As for the other stuff- there are lots of resources for finding out how to do things, including your parents. There will be banks with credit card applications at your college orientation, and real estate agents happy to walk you through the process of getting a mortgage. Don't sweat it.

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    It sounds like the things you want to learn about all fall under the heading of "Personal Finance." See if your high school offers a course in that, or just go to the library and get some books like "Personal Finance for Dummies," etc. There are lots of good introductory books on that subject.

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    And why should you learn to function as an adult in high school? School is not for learning how to live. It's for educating your mind.Teaching you how to function in the world at large is actually the job of your parents, but even they are not going to be able to teach you everything. You wouldn't even listen to most of what they'd try to tell you, anyway, if you're anything like I was as a teenager. You will be learning how to do various things your whole adult life. Sometimes others will be able to explain/show/instruct, sometimes you'll figure it out for yourself.

    Do you think you should come out of high school knowing everything? Don't be silly. You'll be learning for the rest of your life, learning as you need to know and as situations arise. I didn't know what a mortgage was until I wanted to buy a house and needed a mortgage. Before that, I had no need to know what a mortgage was. Learning it took about five minutes.

    There were no personal computers when I was your age. No one could have taught me to use them. They didn't exist. I didn't get one until I was 50. I can't pretend to know much about them, but I learned how to do what I needed or wanted to do. My mother was even older when she had to learn to use a computer. We all do the same thing all our lives.

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    I honestly pretty much learned everything from my parents and searching through google. I also learned taxes from being an Accounting major, but honestly it's all self taught and an easy thing to do online. Everyone learned everything from somewhere and it's definitely very okay to be lost. I have 25 year old friends who don't even have health insurance and they are very careless and honestly that's like the one of the most important things you should know. You should really just start following your parents everywhere and asking questions and learning. That's how I got through it. They're the ones who brought me go get a credit card, a car, how to put gas in, how to put air in my tire and how to change it, how to buy a house, how to pay for school and all that. It is very overwhelming, but literally every person around you struggled the same way you are now and it's all just a matter of patience and experience and growing up. You fall and you learn, but eventually you'll be in your 30's and you'd know a lot more then you will now and you'd tell it to your children.

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