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Too early to tell if Pregnant?

I am on birth control pills and I intentionally skipped my period for 2 months my last cycle was June 8th for 3 to 4 days. 28 day cycle.

I had sex July 24th and July 25th with my husband unprotected. This last Friday (August 3) i had cramping on and off, light spotting and cervical mucus and frequent urination. Since then I have still had the cramping and frequent urination... like over 10x a day. I have taken a home pregnancy test it came up negative, with not knowing when I was ovulating or when my missed period would be because I skipped it, is it too soon to tell if I l would be pregnant? If so when would I test again?

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    If you have been taking your active pills regularly since June, then you probably are not pregnant. The symptoms you are describing are likely related to you skipping your period intentionally. There is a reason there are inactive pills. You really shouldn't skip your period like that. If you want contraception that will let you skip periods then you need to speak to your doctor about alternative methods.

    It is highly unlikely that you are pregnant, though if you must test, wait another week to see.

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    You do understand that the point of birth control is to STOP you ovulating entirely, right?

    Your symptoms are from misusing the birth control and taking it through your withdrawal bleed times instead of using it as prescribed. You did not have unprotected sex if you were on the pill.

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    You need to stop all medication until your system straightens out. Who told you it was a good idea to skip your period for two months? That's not very bright; that's not how the medication -- or your body -- is supposed to work. Of course you COULD be pregnant; you had sex, and ANY TIME you have sex, you could become pregnant. That's how it works.

    Go to Planned Parenthood or your doctor and get a pregnancy test. A real pregnancy tet.

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