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is it bad to be mad at my bf for this?

(we’re ldr) last night he said he hurt his hand, when i asked how he said he punched a brick wall. i asked why he did that and he just said “hate brick walls” ..i got upset because he wouldn’t say why (didn’t ask again but i should’ve) wanted to talk to him about it more but he wasn’t replying fast and i fell asleep. also, he’s been recently not texting me basically all day until night time, doesn’t really say why but i haven’t asked, he just apologizes and says he sucks. i’m also wanting to know what i should say to him that’s not too harsh whenever he texts me, i’m just still upset he’s not really communicating to me(??) i don’t want to lose him


i don’t think he’s ever hit me. i would like if the other part of the question got answered though

Update 2:


Update 3:

even if i left him, he’s basically the only person i talk to and i’d be very miserable without him, but he’s a good person

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  • 2 years ago

    I love that line "I don't want to lose him". He's a jerk but you want to keep him. Why don't you get some self respect? Delete the loser before he punches YOU instead of a wall. With someone that unstable, it's bound to happen. Fair warning.

  • 2 years ago

    he is trying to act all manly in front of you, he is trying to seem more attractive by being tough and punching walls and ****, or thats at least what it sounds like

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