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girlfriend doesn't seem interested in sex even though she's not a virgin. Ive been pursuing her for 3 months.. I feel my ***** gonna explode?

Please help!! my Girlfriend is amazing first off. I started talking to her and she knew I had even had sex before. She has told me she's been sexually active... but we've been together for over a month. we both go to college in a few weeks and we arent gonna see each other nearly as often. It freaks me out thinking about her possibly going to college and having sex with other guys, especially before we even do. We both are pretty close and talk about anxiety regularly. Im also superrrr horny... I constantly think about her like that. Its so frustrating ;(


do I tell her how horny I am?

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Put your foot down. Tell her you’re dumping her if you don’t get some sex in the next 48 hours

    If you don’t show that you have some balls, you’ll NEVER get sex from her, ever

    Women don’t reward beta males.

    And the sad reality is that your girlfriend doesn’t care about your feelings. She cares about how you are going to affect HER life. So whining about your feelings is not going to get you results.

    The only thing that’s going to get you positive results is by you letting her know that if she doesn’t give you sex, there will be consequences, such as you immediately dumping her and also embarrassing her publicly for having sex with other men but not her own boyfriend.

    This fear of consequences- you potentially impacting HER life- will create respect of you, and a desire in her to do as you ask

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Oh well, in a few months, you'll be able to have sex with the college cuties instead. At least you have that to look forward to.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Oh for pete's sake, maybe your sense of entitlement inspires a certain reluctance to gratify your desires?

  • Janet
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    2 years ago

    Might as well break up, though, if the two of you aren't going to see each other IN PERSON every few days. Long-distance relationships don't work out and are, in fact, a huge source of increasing unhappiness. Try to keep an already-unsatisfactory relationship going over a distance, and you will probably end up flunking out of college.

    Break it up now.

    This gives you at least a couple weeks to start getting over her, so when you start classes you can focus on them.

    As for it being unsatisfactory ... well, YES. There is this problem and you two cannot or will not talk about it. This is NOT what "pretty close" is about.

    As for being horny ... masturbate. When you feel horny, relax (physically and emotionally). You know .. mosquito bites can drive us crazy if we let them .. but if we start focusing on them and scratching them, they go from itching to hurting .. and if we keep on scratching, they start to bleed .. and then we start to tear off the scabs before they are ready ...

    I mean ... the more you focus on how horny you are, the more you try to scratch that itch when there is no one there for it .. the worse it gets.

    Be master of yourself .. don't be swept away by instinct. You have a forebrain and you have choice, and what we consciously TELL ourselves is HUGE in how we react to it,

    As for thinking constantly about her .. it is like an addiction you have created. You won't stop it without "withdrawal symptoms" .. so be prepared. And REFUSE to allow yourself to think about her with other guys.

    Break up NOW, so you have the HARDEST part of the withdrawal over with before you go to college.

    Be sure that the LDR will NOT last, and you will probably flunk out of college ... seeing as how strongly you are NOT mastering your urges nor your brain patterns right now.

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