Does this guy at jack in the box like me .?

At work I have a shift break from3:00-5:30 I would go to jack in the box to eat lunch . There is this guy that would always take my order. After a while I stoped going for two weeks. When I came back the guy was like hey it’s you with a big big smile on his face . I ordered and when my food was ready the cook said who’s food is this . He said here’s and pointed at me.. The cook said to your crush and he said Amman why did you say that and then after he got my food farted to the back . The next day I came back with my friend and when he was taking my order he was all nervous like I heard him through his mic to the others in the back to shut up . After we got our stuff later my friend asked him do you like my friend. She asked for me and he had hesitation for a few secs then said yea she’s kinda cute like does yeah mean yes . I know this is stupid but I just want to make sure others agree with me that he likes me before I go ask him .

2 Answers

  • 2 years ago

    Oh, for heaven's sake! How old are you? It's very middle school to have your friend ask some guy if he "likes" you. Do NOT go and ask him if he likes you. You can ask him if he gets a break and would he like to get a coffee or something.

  • 2 years ago

    Yeah, he likes you.

    That’s probably I response I would have given. I’m not going to lay it all out there and make myself seem super into someone. Especially if their friend is asking for them. “Yeah, I mean she’s kinda cute”

    Sounds about right.

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