Looking for fresh global flood counter-arguments?

I've heard the same, tired old stuff repeatedly. Does anyone have an argument against the biblical flood that does NOT consist of the following?


-Earth before the flood was just like earth today.

-The biblical timeline doesn't agree with the secular timeline, and therefore the biblical timeline MUST be wrong because most people prefer the secular timeline.

-Without actually reading Genesis, we're just going to assume the flood lasted exactly 40 days and all that water came from the sky exclusively.

Update 2:

-Noah, a 500-year-old man still in the prime of his life, who had 100 years and three strapping sons to work, couldn't have possibly built a barge smaller than the Titanic.

-People who live and learn for an average of 912 years must be fundamentally dumber than rocks, so it would be impossible for them to have boat building technology back then.

Update 3:

-The flood was local, so it is, of course, perfectly logical for Noah to spend 100 years building a boat, fill it with animals from around the world, and stay on board for over a year; as opposed to simply moving out of the region.

-All the speciation we observe today must be 100% completely and utterly unchanged from 4,400 years ago. It is impossible for genera to split into multiple species in fewer than 1,000 years. So there were too many animals to take on the ark.

Update 4:

-Noah intentionally took animals that the Bible specifically told him not to take. Therefore there were too many animals.

-It is impossible to make a barge that can withstand turbulent water and storms.

-Ignoring the global water damage and legends, there is no evidence of a global flood.

Update 5:

-Limiting a gene pool of an already extremely genetically diverse species guarantees the extinction of that species. Never mind real life conservation successes such as the Tule elk.

-It is impossible for fish to adapt to changes in salinity. Never mind the fact that most of them died from the turbulent waters, not changes in salinity. Also ignore the fact that fish can adapt within months to changes in salinity, and some species adapt in mere days.

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  • 2 years ago

    it was not recorded in china that a flood happened. and they recorded every comet which showed in the heavens as omens.

    the christian flood myth is a story meant to encourage faith in christianity, nothing more.

  • MARK
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    2 years ago

    You do not need any arguments and certainly no new ones. The is a rule of logic. That which is proffered without evidence may be dismissed without evidence. As no evidence is proffered for the flood myth is can be readily dismissed without evidence.

    However, there are valid arguments that it did not happen such as no geological evidence; not enough dihydrogen monoxide (H2O) in any form: solid (ice), liquid (water), gas (water vapour/steam) on the Earth to have completely flooded it to the depth claimed; the dimensions of the boat described in Genesis could not have accommodated all the animals necessary; it could not have carried the food and fresh water necessary to support all those on the boat for the time described; the boat was not sea worthy; the amount of methane the animals would have produced would have caused a major problem. There are many reasons why this story is not true and they begin with the absolute absence of evidence.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    It would require 5 times the available water in earth's atmosphere to create a global flood. It is physically impossible. Also, it would take a sloth over 50 years to travel from its natural habitat to the ark. Sloths don't live that long.

  • David
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    2 years ago

    Many people are unaware that Earth of Noah's day was completely different, a singe continent called Pangea. The destruction of what we now see into many continents began at the Flood event; tearing apart of Earth's crust, subduction, volcanoes erupting, meteors falling, scorched Earth...

    The Fountains of the Deep described in Genesis are explained by science to be plenty of water to cover the Earth, w/o the rain.



    Over one million animal species have been named, but it’s a mistake to assume all were on the Ark. The Bible says Noah took only air-breathing land animals. So that excludes sea creatures and possibly insects and other invertebrates.

    Of the land vertebrates, there are only around 33,000 named living species (and a few thousand more fossil species). These are divided into fewer than 10,000 genera and 1,000 families. Under conservative assumptions, there were no more than 16,000 land animals and birds on the ark; possibly as few as 2,000 were needed on the ark.

    Without tiering of cages, only 50 percent of the ark floor would have been necessary. What’s more, many could have been housed in groups, which would have further reduced the required space, with enough space left over for an exercise pen the size two tennis courts, and this just on one level of three inside the Ark.

    The dimensions of the Ark are convincing for two reasons: the proportions are like that of a modern cargo ship, and it is about as large as a wooden ship can be built. The dimensions are less than half the Titanic or Queen Mary.

    There were large wooden ships of similar length built with the same level of technology in ancient times in far less time: The Greek Tessarakonteres 200 BC 420' x 52'.

    The Bible does not tell us that Noah and his sons built the Ark by themselves. Noah could have hired skilled laborers or had relatives, such as Methuselah and Lamech, help build the vessel. However, nothing indicates that they could not—or that they did not—build the Ark themselves in the time allotted.

    If one or two men today can erect a large house in just 12 weeks, how much more could three or four men do in a few years? Impossible? Not at all.

    Adam’s descendants were making complex musical instruments, forging metal, and building cities—their tools, machines, and techniques were not primitive. The idea that more primitive civilizations are further back in time is an evolutionary concept.

    If Noah actually existed, wouldn't you say that Noah's Ark probably existed? Noah's grandson, Cush (son of Ham), is named in the Sumerian King's List outside the Bible, from the Tablets at Elba.

    He, Noah has recorded his own writing of Genesis 6:9, and each of his three sons, Shem Ham and Japheth wrote their own section of Genesis, recording ancient history in real places, real events, real time, literally.

    All of Genesis up through this point has been eyewitness account handed down from each Patriarch by toledoth to Moses for consolidation into the Pentateuch.

    Gen 5:1 says "this is the book of the generations of Adam".

    Gen 6:9 says "These are the records of the generations of Noah."

    Gen 10:10 says "These are the records of the generations of Shem," son of Noah in the 4th toledoth.

    Moses said that the first man, Adam, wrote a book. This was handed down to him and became the guide and inspiration for the rest of the Bible. Adam was not only literate but highly intelligent as well; the first perfect man, and is more than likely the true author of Gen 1-11.

    Local Flood?

    If the flood were not global, then why was there a need for the Ark? The whole procedure of constructing this enormous Ark involving, no doubt, many years of planning and toil, simply to escape a local flood, can hardly be described as anything but utterly foolish and unnecessary.

    But in a global Flood there would be no survivors among land animals and birds. The Ark was essential. There were lots of boats at the time, the Chinese had a whole fleet of ships almost as big as the Ark. But there was only one boat with provisions for a year.

    If you do not believe what the Bible "says", then you do not believe or know God, and He will not know you. Page 50 of the Bible won't help you. It is not a book you can cherry pick from, but must be taken as a whole in order for you to call yourself a believer.

    A second evidence of the global extent of the Flood is its duration. A careful study of the biblical data reveals the fact that the Flood lasted more than a year. That the Flood continued for more than a year is entirely in keeping with its universality but cannot properly be reconciled with the local-flood theory.

    Another evidence of the universal extent of the Flood is the Rainbow Covenant in Genesis 9:8–17. Not only does it confirm the supernatural uniqueness of this global catastrophe, it proves its universality.

    If the Flood was limited in geographical extent, the Rainbow Covenant has failed (i.e., God lied), for there have been hundreds of devastating local floods since then, which have killed millions of people and animals.

    If the Flood was local, why did God send the animals to the Ark so they would escape death?

    If the Flood was local, why was the Ark big enough to hold all kinds of land vertebrate animals that have ever existed? If only Mesopotamian animals were aboard, the Ark could have been much smaller.

    If the Flood was local, why would birds have been sent on board? These could simply have winged across to a nearby mountain range.

    If the Flood was local, how could the waters rise to 15 cubits (8 meters) above the mountains (Genesis 7:20)? Water seeks its own level. It couldn’t rise to cover the local mountains while leaving the rest of the world untouched.

    If the Flood was local, people who did not happen to be living in the vicinity would not be affected by it. They would have escaped God’s judgment on sin. If this happened, what did Christ mean when He likened the coming judgment of all men to the judgment of “all” men (Matthew 24:37–39) in the days of Noah?

    Belief in a world-wide Flood, as Scripture clearly indicates, has the backing of common sense, science and Christ Himself. Every advanced ancient culture on Earth has recorded history of the Great Flood, not just those in the Middle-East, for example.

    Did all of civilization have a "local flood" at the same time, more than 500 different cultures around the entire Earth, mostly disconnected? How silly is that? A global Flood makes more sense.

    If we count the generations back to Noah, it would be about 150. The Flood was roughly 4,500 years ago. Average generation span of 30 years. Divide 30 into 450, and you get 150 generations. Sure, it's a rough estimate, coincidence that it's so accurate (like most of the Bible)?

    Five Evidences of Noah’s Flood


    Four Geologic (technical) Evidences of Noah's Flood in the Grand Canyon


    Eight Evidences for a Young Earth


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  • 2 years ago

    Regarding update 5

    Plants and billions of other not mobile species which don't live under water, or do require very specific water environments, would have all died, rotted, not left seeds or offspring.

    Note: unfortunately you can't disprove the Noah flood story, because; magic.

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