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I can't stop lusting after my ex?

The good news is I don't have any emotional feelings for her. It's just there are days where she looks so fine I just wish she would use me for her sexual pleasure. Although it has lessened every time I try to have dirty thoughts with other women. Since I am single, I don't feel any guilt staring at other women but I kind of wish I could stop having nasty thoughts about her.


I need help!

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  • 2 years ago

    Just find a new girl or two to develop a crush on and take your mind off her.

  • Janet
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    2 years ago

    Our self-statements create our emotional realities.

    So STOP saying "I CAN'T stop lusting after ...."

    The truth is that you haven't yet figure out HOW to stop lusting after her.

    And maybe it just hasn't been long enough and you are freaking out because you don't understand that our brain habits change SLOWLY.

    Ideally, it takes about a year of TOTAL non-contact to totally get over someone.0

    If your lust gets stronger when you see her, stop seeing her. I mean, avoid her. If you cannot avoid her, then don't look AT her when you are around her.

    You already know you two don't work. Feeding your feelings of lust, by dwelling on them, is like someone allergic to nuts who eats nuts. Don't do this to yourself.

    If you aren't going to seek out a therapist to learn how to master yourself, at least pay attention to the pathways you are creating and strengthening (through using them) in your brain.

    STOP saying "I CAN'T get over ...."

  • 2 years ago

    Get a new girl

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