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I had sex for the first time?

i matched with a dude on tinder and he went over to his friends place his name is peter and invited me over. later on i found out peter is into me, both like me. i went over and i figured peter had been looking at the nudes i sent to my tinder match over his shoulder and wanted to see my naked body in person. Then We got on the bed, just me and peter. he ate me out and he even had anal and vaginal sex with me. it was the first time i did those. it felt real good because i was the one that guided his dick in me and it felt very pleasurable and gentle. Also, before sex he opened up my legs and his face was at my private part, he kept and kept on staring he opened it up and he said he's never seen a virgin private part before. he literally begged me to let him take my virginity before we had sex and he said he will give me anything. thing is i took his number before leaving but i try calling and it's out of service. I trey contacting the friend, and he's blocked me on whatsapp it seems. i was already not on his snapchat anymore before we met and calling because we were sort of arguing.

When he saw me and the friend have sex he said he's getting a *****

So I'll never talk to the guy who took my pussy and *** virginity? Please help? I feel so......... disgusting that they aren't trying to reach out because I really like the guy who was my first.

Opinions? Please just help me out and tell me what to do.

Thank you.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Keep your perverted FETISH fantasies off YA.

  • Eva
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    What did you expect from a Tinder match? You (and they) made no effort to get to know you as a person before you had sex. You posted nudes. You're either really dumb or really naive. You might want to get tested for STDs before your next encounter.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Was this an online dating service or something?

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