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A rose-oil peddler by trade, Bai Ganyo travels through Europe selling the precious stuff?

while constantly worrying

about losing the glass vials to the slippery hands of just about every person he meets. The stories and extended

novellas follow his many botched schemes, ranging from getting a free meal to getting elected to public office by

brutality and sinister cunning. He represents a national anxiety about the vulgarity present in late-nineteenth-century

Bulgaria at a time when the country’s identity was pulled between its growing affiliation with Western Europe and its

recent history of Ottoman rule. Although Bai Ganyo is a caricature of that past that so many wanted to reject,

Konstantinov acknowledges his country’s inevitable kinship with the ne’er-do-well: after describing a scene at the

public baths in Vienna, in which Bai Ganyo is in dire need of soap, Konstantinov writes, “But still, you can’t surprise

Bulgarians with dirt: not even the more active imaginations can come up with anything more sullied than reality itself.”

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    Stop posting this crap in the politics section.

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    What's your question, hun? This site is for knowledge seeking questions and answers to those questions.

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