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Is God mad at me for getting naked in front of my family?

Very good day everyone,

I’m a 42 year old woman and I’m a proud mother of two precious children. They’re both 18 (daughter) and 19 (son). We all three are nudists, although my son is thinking of stopping in the future, but I support his decision, also my other family members aren’t nudists, despite them being beautiful and attractive.

Anyways, I’m an entrepreneur, Instagram model, and nudist. I’ve been a nudist since the age of 27. I made this decision because I’ve been taking very good care of my body since the age of 15. Now, I look so beautiful, attractive, and younger. Most people are shocked when I tell them my actual age. Most people think I’m a student from the University.

Anyways, I live with my children, husband, parents, and other family members. We are a wealthy family, my husband is an investor, my mother is a dentist, and my father is an anesthesiologist. My two children are entrepreneurs and investors. So you can say that we’re a wealthy family.

Anyways, apparently I found out that nudism is a sin. I never knew that, I was very shocked! It really saddens me that I have to stop something that I love. My question is if God is mad at me for sinning?

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    its not a sin to be naked

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