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All you non Californians say how terrible California, but you know WHY I LOVE CALIFORNIA and HATE the rest of the country?

I am gay. Abt ten years ago I got a good paying job (teacher) and got into motorcycles. My husband and I bought a big touring bike and we decided to go across America. I am five foot four, 106 pounds, and have shoulder length hair. I rode behind my husband on the bike. And guess what? We had NO problems so long as I was on the back of the bike, and wearing my helmet. The second we GOT OFF the bike to buy food or whatever, and I took off my helmet and you could see I didn't have breasts, you could see the HATE and ANGER of all the people who saw me and my husband drive up on the same bike. This began the moment we got into Arizona and didn't stop until we hit the East Coast and decided that we didn't want to be killed and turned around and drove back home.We never have ANY problems in California. No one cares or gives us a second look.


It was always the same thing. First they would stare HARD to see if I was just a small breasted woman. Then they would see my adam's apple (I have no facial hair) and you could see the "HOW DARE YOU COME TO THE BURGER PLACE THAT I GO WITH MY KIDS TO! I WANT TO BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH MY TIRE IRON" You could see the hate.

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    Great. Everyone should love their home. To each his/her own.

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    Thank you for sharing your story, but this is a question and answer forum. Do you have a question?

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