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Why do people complain when someone makes a comment about gay marriage but dont care when Saudi Arabia decapitstrs gays in the public square?

If someone in the US says a comment about gay people, take Jonah Hill for example when he said "Suck my d1ck, f@ggot", every left-winger gets into an uproar and starts saying that they're "hateful" and homophobic and such.

But when countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran cut the heads off gay people in the public square BECAUSE THEYRE GAY, not a single comment from the Left in any way. All I ever hear from them is "Its their culture and we are racist for criticizing it" or "We can't do anything about it so why even bother"?

Is criticism of gay marriage somehow worse than gays being killed in foreign countries LEGALLY for their sexuality or something?

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    Because they are tired of your self-righteous whining about other people's rights. If gay marriage bothers you so much, move to Saudi Arabia.

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    The way to effect change is not to berate and alienate. It doesn't work with individuals and it doesn't work with countries. S.A. is opening up to the west, and to more progressive values, and the way to encourage that is by keeping relationships open. I know two gay men who are living very happily in S.A. and have encountered no problems. Conservatives jump on one example and exaggerate it so they can make themselves feel superior. What S.A. does has no bearing on whether the US allows gay people to get married. Why should it?

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    What does "decapitstrs" mean? I don't know that word.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    False equivalency

    I live in America. My convictions are reflected in the way I vote. What goes on in other countries is their business. Do I approve of atrocities? ... no, but I don't vote over there. It's not my country, I'm not a citizen.

  • Jo5
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    2 years ago

    What's interesting about liberal scum is they will berate someone who speaks out against gays, but in the very next breath will use being gay as an insult. Then claim "it's different" somehow.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Let me help shine light on your stupid statement, which is, just so you know, extremely ignorant because it's based on false assumptions:

    There is one organization in the world that spends nearly all it's time fighting, documenting, and calling out Islamic regimes for their human rights, gay rights, and women's rights violations. There is one organization that constantly criticized Saudi Arabia and Iran's sharia law, beheading, public executions, education and dress restrictions on women and gay rights violations.

    This one organization raises and spends millions on global campaigns to fight Islamic extremism through courts and international pressure. And of course, that organization is founded by liberals, run by liberals, and supported almost entirely by liberals, mostly in the united states. In fact most liberals have their logo on the back of our cars (you get a decal when you donate a certain amount of money). I'm sure you've seen it, but never on a conservative's car. It's a candle flame with barbed wire.


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