A bachelor s in human services?

Would it be worth it to get a bachelor s in human services, or an associate degree in business office managment and a couple of certificates related to that. I want a office job but I also want to help people. I m having a really hard time making a decision. Which one is worth it in your opinion. Does anyone have a bachelor s in human services, if so, how was it finding a job and how is your pay and workload? Any information would be appreciated

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  • 2 years ago

    It's my understanding that someone with a bachelor's degree in human services may have even less opportunities than an individual with a bachelor's degree in social work (BSW). The other respondent is correct in that jobs are typically for low pay (though, including for BSW or even MSW).

    The education for a bachelor's in human services may be "less specific" than a BSW student, for instance. Just to reiterate that jobs may be even more limited for someone with a bachelor's in human services. A job at a group home as a "habilitation counselor," for instance, for those with developmental disabilities may be possible. Counseling positions, however, usually require a master's degree, such as in counseling or social work.

    Someone mentioned HR, though, please be aware that the job of HR manager typically requires a master's degree, such as in business administration, management, or finance. In addition, the HR department tends to be the first place in a business to suffer layoffs.

    For more general career info:

    https://www.bls.gov/ooh/ and can search.

    With regard to schooling, please forgo those for-profit schools. Their course credits usually do NOT transfer to other schools.

  • Laurie
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    2 years ago

    Go for Human Resources.

    A bachelors degree in Human Services is worth little more than a high school diploma.

    In the US, "human services" is a euphemism for welfare and other assistance programs, and those programs are NOT valued in American society.

    Human Services is NOTORIOUSLY low-paid; most positions are government-funded, which means you never get raises and there are never enough people to handle the case loads (I know; I did it for over 20 years in three different states)

    Human Resources is better paid for two reasons: their main job is to protect the company from lawsuits, so companies value their services... and Human Resources actually sets the wage ranges, and they take care of themselves. You DO get to help people, but generally you have M-F, 9-5 hours, good working conditions, and up-to-date technology and equipment. (That is NOT the case in Human Services. One of my jobs was in a revamped HORSE STABLE... no joke!)

    Business office management might be okay, but I know Human Resources is a good field. There are a number of different certifications; you will have to look them up to see what is required for each, and which is best for you.

    The SHRM-CP stands for the Society of Human Resource Management Certified Professional, and the SHRM-SCP stands for SHRM Senior Certified Professional. The PHR stands for Professional in Human Resources, while the SPHR represents Senior Professional in Human Resources.

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