I want to get back with my ex girlfriend who dumped me after two years. Do I wait for her? How do I get her back ? I love her?

My 21 year old girlfriend now ex dumped me by ghosting me one day before we moved into a apartment together. I’m 24 with a stable job and was ready for something serious. We dated for two years we were all about each other she lived with me at my parents house for a year even has a tattoo of me on her. This girl was truly my love of my life and best friend at the same time. She ghosted me one day before we moved into a apartment. I was devastated. I kept reaching out to her for like three weeks she never responded. Finally two weeks later she told me she misses me she wants me back and truly loved me. The problem is when she came back she had changed. She made new party friends who drink do drugs and sleep with guys every day. She went from sweet to really rude. We made plans three or 4 times and she cancelled last second without even a sorry. I was devastated. She was treating me like a option. The girl I knew so well was putting her 19 year old party friends and life over me. I told her two weeks ago today she was better then her friends I told her the girl I knew and fell in love with would never associate with people like this. I told her she’s being fake because this is not who she is.i told her she’s so much better and I love her deeply. I told her she’s not treating me fairly. She got mad at me and we’ve not talked in two weeks now.shes essentially ghosted me again. Will acting like I’m finally gone and she lost me be my only chance of bringing her back? What do I do?

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    2 years ago
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    first you don't wait for no one, second there is nothing you can do to get her back the only thing you can do is get better and improve your self brother if she reach out to you in the future she will see a new improve stronger guy. No you don't love her you feel rejected, and I hope that you are doing something to improve your self since you are asking the same question every 3 days or so, asking the same thing will NOT improve your situation, doing something about it will.

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    move on

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    That person has long gone sadly and the carcass that stands before you with those eyes that appear to stare through you and are empty are just that. Dilemma's like this are unfolding as I answer your Q and sadly those will be the next to either post or just miserably get om with their lives best they can trying to unmask that stranger that now stands before them. Sorry but she gone and is never likely to be returning, ever!

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    Stop asking this question over and over again.

  • Etta
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    2 years ago

    Move on she is not interested in you, she wants freedom

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