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Does web design offer good work life balance/remote work? I am looking at positions and they don't look better than my current role?


I currently want out of my current role in engineering. The things I hate most about my current role/industry are the lack of flexibility, overtime, boring (its civil engineering so there is no innovation or creativity). Honestly I am not even interested in working 40 hours a week.

Update 2:

I been looking at getting an associates degree in web development. Eventually I would love to just work for myself in that field. The positions I am looking at seem to want a BS in computer science or IT I am just not going to get another BS. The jobs seem to want more experience than what I have in my current field and seem to pay less and probably would want just as much or more work?

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    Depends entirely on where you work.

    Some designers just work as freelancers or consultants, allowing them to pretty much make their own hours, more or less.

    Some work at large companies with stable business hours.

    Some work at small startups with long, unpredictable hours - possibly including late nights and weekends.

    Keep in mind that work/life balance isn't just your daily schedule, but also things such as offering time off (PTO), and other family-friendly benefits.

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