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Should I move out at 18?

I just turned 18 and I'm in my final year of high school and since I'm legal i was wondering, can I move out? I mean I don't want to be one of those people who are 40 and still live with their parents, since my mom wants me to be out of the house soon, should I move out now?

P.S sorry for any grammar mistakes alright, it's the Internet not a paper.

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    Whether you are 18, 19, 20, 21...years of age is irrelevant. What is relevant is that you have a job that can support yourself within a normal standard of living. Such as, paying rent, utilities, cell phone, automobile loan, insurance and gas, food plus clothing. If you have the money for all that, that is great, but that is not all you will need. You will need a work history or a credit history in order to sign a lease agreement for a rental.

    If you want to move and crash at a friend's house, then I suppose you can do that because you are of age. However, I do believe some states have certain requirements if you are still in high school while being 18.

    Living with your parents as a teenager is not something to be ashamed of and comparing it to being 40 is a far stretch in time. Stay home, get a job, save money, go to college and get an education that lands you a good job. Otherwise, you will be stuck with wages of an 18 year old and never be able to afford the lifestyle you want.

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    Do you have a job making enough to support yourself? Better to finish school and graduate, then get a decent job and save some money, then move out.

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    You need to prove to a landlord that your monthly earnings are at least 3 times monthly rents. Landlords often require at least a year on the job. How are you going to pay rent, utilities, and all your remaining expenses? Or is your mother going to sign the lease & pay for everything?

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    You can if you have the money and income to get a new place, otherwise you still can but you'll likely be sleeping on the street or possibly on your buddies couch - probably better to just stay where you are. I suggest you stay until you graduate high school and then get a job (or get a job before - maybe you have one now) and when you have the credit and income go ahead and move out but nobody is expected to move out before graduating.

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    If you have a job that pays enough then yes!

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    some of those who answered got some of the info you need correct and others failed miserably.........

    ONLY if you have verifiable income that equals or exceeds 3 times what the rent will be AND have good or better credit AND can find an owner/landlord willing to rent to a teen ( most will not til 21 ) then you can maybe be able to be on your own..............and there's nothing wrong with ANYONE no matter what their age living w/their folks !!!!!

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    Once you reach the age of 18 you are able to make this decision on your own. if you want to move from your parents or not.

    You being able to move out would depend on your and your financial plans

    #1. Are you financially able to move on your own?

    #2. Are you planning to attend college and would moving be a financial handicap?

    #4. How would this move affect your ability to have a good earnings in the future?

    Moving from your parent home might seem like a great idea at this rime in you life. You moving at this time would have long range affects on your ability to have a great earnings as you would not have the job skills needed to earn the maximum you are able, if you fail to attend a degree producing college or career college.

    I do not recommend a person moving out just because they are at the age where they are legally able to. I have found over the years these individuals are normally on the lower end of the economical level, working unskilled jobs an no possible advancement other than fry cook or manager in a low skill job.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

    "FIGHT ON"

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    There are no grammar mistakes. You can move out but it is always financially better to stay if you can. If your mom wants you to move out for financial reasons, offer to pay her at least half of what you would have to pay for rent. You are going to be surprised how much it costs to live on your own.

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    Legally - yes.

    But - can you afford to?

    To rent a property, you'll need to be earning at least 2 x rent per month (some landlords require 3 x rent), and have enough savings to cover the first month's rent and deposit. At 18, you'll need an adult guarantor (who'll agree to pay rent if you don't), which generally falls to parents.

    Are you going to college? If so - it might be more logical to wait until you go.

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    That is a decision for you to make. Can you afford to live on your own? Many getting out for the first time underestimate the expense.

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