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What is this word "incel" that's been thrown around a lot here lately?

Sounds like someone here (another Level 7 troll?) is admitting, perhaps subconsciously, to some shortcomings...?

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    Incel refers to people that are sexually dysfunctional (they do not easily get involved in sexual relationships, perhaps any interpersonal relationships at all). They, of course, do not see it as a dysfunction, but instead as some sort of conspiracy directed at them. The fault is with others and not themselves. So they spend a lot of time and energy blaming others for their failure to establish proper and healthy relationships with others.

    Involuntarily celibate where the celibacy is imposed by the action of others and not through any inadequacy in themselves. The irony is apparent when you read the things that these people believe, which demonstrate fairly clearly why no one is willing to become involved with them in any intimate way. They blame others and prove in so doing that they are the problem.

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    2 years ago

    Hi so why do you think this way. fact is the internet does not have all the answers. it is only on the internet if some one bothers to type it in. so given that the database would need to be at leat 1000 times bigger than it is we have a lot to input still.

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    It is slang for involuntary celibate. See the reference for details of its use (also a good site to bookmark).

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