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I can’t write in school what to do?

I have bursitis, have had it for 9 months now. I’m going to my doctor appointments and following up and trying my best using treatments, but it’s still not gone and I have a long way to go. Of all the things I can’t do, it’s write. Like I can dance to some point and stuff, but I can’t write! School doesn’t allow computers or any device and I’m sure they won’t if I explain my situation. Is there anything else I can do when I can’t write? Because if I don’t write, then I can guarantee myself a dooming faliure.

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    Where are you and what kind of school are you talking about? Public schools in the US and public universities are good about accommodating disabilities. Teachers use other forms of testing, for example. Don't assume that no one will accommodate you if you have a diagnosis from a doctor.

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