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Out of all the experiments what would be the easiest?

Which substances are the best to stop bananas, apples and/or avocados from turning brown?

What plant materials can be used as dyes?

Does salt prevent dark coloured fabrics from fading after washing?

How does hair thickness affect its strength?

Investigate the warmth of different sock materials.

Is there a relationship between gender and reaction time?

Is there a relationship between gender and ball throwing accuracy?

What factors affect how far a paper aeroplane flies?

How does talking on a mobile or texting affect driving?

Does the level of background noise affect how much information we learn/retain?

Investigate the strength of toilet paper or facial tissues.

Investigate the water absorption of different sponges.

What is the optimum amount of baking powder that produces the greatest height in cakes?

Is there a relationship between the amount of foam produced by shampoos/detergents and their water content?

Is water–free hand cleanser more effective than normal antibacterial handwash?

Which solvent mixture is the most effective at separating the different colours in texta ink?

Is there a relationship between arm span and a person s height?

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  • 2 years ago

    People who do home dying from local plant sources have already done tons of experimentation on this. Check out some spinner/dyer forums.

  • DrJ
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    2 years ago

    In analyzing the above, you need to figure out what sort of equipment you would need. Equipment that needs to be reliable.

    You would also have to worry about what samples you would need. Whether variability of the sample would be important.

    Some of your hypotheticals require you to define your terms. Water absorption, noise levels, effective, etc.

    In addition, you would need different statistical tests to decide whether there is an effect or not. Of your list I see a clear winner. Subjects are readily available, but sex and age might have to be considered. The units of measurement and how to measure them are easily found.

    From the above, for me, there is only one experiment that jumps out and can be done, say, easily with a small sample of people, with little equipment, in a short period of time, can easily produce a figure, and that simple statistics can be used not only to show the results but test that they differ from random.

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