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late period over a week late... should i be concerned?

i am 15 and started my period nearly 4 years ago. however, up until the last few months, it was very irregular and would skip as many as 6 months in between each cycle. since january or so, i have been getting it every 4 weeks and 3-4 days. my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex a couple times, but both times were after my fertile window ended and he came nowhere near ejaculating. i know pregnancy is possible regardless, but is it more likely that it is just because of stress and lifestyle changes? my approaching first year of high school is stressing me out and my anxiety has been acting up, and i’ve been stressed about the possibiliy of pregnancy since intercourse. i will know for sure in a few days when i go for my annual obgyn appointment (where i intend to talk to my doctor about birth control). it’s worrying me to death.

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  • Pippin
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    2 years ago

    Worried about what? You had unprotected sex -- several times. This is what women do when they WANT to become pregnant. Now .. I'll agree that a planned pregnancy at 15 would indeed be worrying ... but surely you thought about that BEFORE you decided to try for a baby, and you have already worked out the practical details.

    So sure, of course you could be pregnant -- which is what you wanted.

    (And no idea how you could know when your fertile window is when you are very irregular.)

  • you are 15 and had sex really ?!!!

    what bad ?!

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    i’d like to add that i also just finished my first band camp, which put a ton of physical and emotional stress on me -original poster

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