Big deal or not?

I was being flirty/cuddly with a guy & wasn’t wanting to kiss him. He wanted me to nibble on his ear/put my tongue in it & I did. I’m in my 30s and a virgin that was trying to keep it conservative lol and I can’t tell if this is a biggie or not lol Idk... is it like a kiss or what?

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  • 2 years ago
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    No worries. Not a big deal. There are 6 year old kids out there doing worse than that.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Look the purpose of being conservative sexually is to wait until you’re old enough to take care of any children that result from sexual activity. And to wait until you’re old enough to theoretically get married.

    For example, if you’re 16 and doing sexual stuff, it’s bad because you don’t have a steady full time job at 16, you aren’t mature enough to raise a child or get/stay married and make it work, and you don’t make enough money to provide for it.

    However YOU are in your 30’s. You are in the prime baby-making years. In fact, you’re almost PAST your prime. You’re at the age you SHOULD be getting flirty and sexual, getting to know a guy, going on dates, getting married, having sex and making babies.

    If everyone had your personal attitude towards sex, the entire human race would DIE OUT LIKE THE DINOSAURS. We’d GO EXTINCT.

    If you still find it “weird” or “bad” to have sex at your age, it’s obviously abnormal. It’s a sign of developmental issues, mental problems, or something else

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