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how difficult would it be for a welder or even myself to cut through a thick hardened steel mower deck?

have mounted a new engine on my ( large) commercial lawn mower that has thick hardened steel for its engine and mower deck and noticed after mounting the new engine that the 1 inch x 1.5 inch hole for draining the oil from the bottom of engine is on the opposite side. (as previous engine was an older model and had drain plug on other side from newer model) will need to either take it to a welder and have him cut a hold for the oil to pass through the engine deck or how difficult and how much time , which tools would I need to do it myself?

any help much appreciated!

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    Well, that steel in a mower is soft for steel. More like glorified aluminum. It welds easily and you can drill holes in any part of it with a hand drill and the best grade of drill bit (the gold colored ones) from Home Depot. Now, if you are going to get a welder to blow a hole through the deck, you will have to strip down and prepare it all for him so that he only has to do his cutting thing. He is not going to be a mechanic and take off your engine, and he is not going to cut it unless it is stripped down. Cutting splatter and such. If you want a larger hole invest in a metal grade hole saw, say about 1.25" and cut through the deck with your drill. If you want to have the welder do it, strip it down put the deck in the back of your pickup, take it over to the shop and have him cut it without taking it out of your truck. Some plywood to protect the truck.

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    By the time you fix your mower, summer is going to be over and you won’t have to mow the grass anymore. Take it to a shop and have them fix it.

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    Instead of going to that trouble and then draining oil out the bottom,which is a mess, just go to the nearest auto parts and buy an extractor for lawn mower motors. It consists of a tube and a bulb pump. You run the tubing down the oil check pipe and squeeze the bulb to pump the oil out. since lawn mowers have small sumps it only takes a minute or two and saves lifting the mower and making a mess. Most of the Japanese mowers don't even have a plug and have to be done that way.

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    It's not hardened steel, it's ordinary steel which you could either have a welder cut through for you or drill it yourself. In either case, dismount the engine again first.

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    Draw the hole. Drill around the inner edges with a cobalt 1/4 drill bit. Smooth the edges with a rat-tail or half-moon file or a grinding bit. Wear safety glasses.

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    how thick?

    a plasma cutting torch can slice though up to 1.5 inches of steel (depending on model) but your mower deck is not that thick (as that is the thickness of some armor plating on APCs)

    if you have a high end corded drill and a good set of drill bits you should be able to do it as well

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