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school bucket list ideas?

school starts next week and its my last year until i go to high school. im planning on doing these with my friends so im looking for ideas.(anything that could get us in trouble is okay. we re willing to do alot of things) thank you!

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  • 2 years ago

    Let's see- you live in a country where taxpayers have agreed to pay for a public education system so that you can get educated and have a better life. This is a gift to you from your community. But you don't appreciate it, because apparently you'd rather be ignorant and work flipping burgers the rest of your life. It would be far better if you would give up your place in the school to some kid from a country where she has to walk 5 miles to get to school, if she's allowed to go at all. She'd be thrilled at the chance to become educated. She wouldn't try to harass and make life difficult for the teachers and administrators who have dedicated their lives to helping you reach your goals.

  • 2 years ago

    i would do anything that doesnt get you into trouble so you get to finish high school

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