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Why are people so cruel?

About 2 weeks ago I got the call that my best friend commited suicide. It has been hard, I knew him since elementary school and knew he struggled with some mental issues and alcoholism. What has troubled me the most however, was talking to his wife. She told me that in the days after finding him she searched his phone for answers, only to find that he had posted multiple cries for help online and was told by many users to kill himself, he is selfish and other things that I wouldn't think to tell a person crying for help. He has left behind 3 children, 2 step children, a wife, siblings, his parents, and the students he counseled for work. He was a counselor and helped people as much as possible and it hurts to know that in his weakest moments he felt like he had nobody. Do people not realize how their words can affect others?

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    May they Rest In Peace!

    Very best wishes for your future success


    Source:) Rip WL and EC.

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    Sorry for your loss. It amazes me too how cruel people can be, perhaps especially when behind the anonymity of their car or computer screen. Everyone's not like that, but there sure are some.

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    I'm sorry your lost your friend, due to peoples hurtful ways. as much as is sucks if one's opinions and words effects ones life that strongly then that person should seek out mental help. It's not common as it's the social norm to "fit in and care what people say" and i'm not saying don't value what one says i'm saying value your opinion more or who ever..

    that way the words can have less impact to the listener.

    people are cruel but it's also up to us to not let them control us.

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    Your friend did not commit suicide because of what these people said.

    If he really wanted help he would have reached out to suicide prevention resources, not forums like Y!A, reddit and the others.

    Mental health treatment is not going to improve until the industry changes and is not run by people who are mentally ill.

    Unfortunately, I don't see how this is going to happen.

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    If he didn't feel as if he could reach out to his best friend, his wife, his parents or his siblings, what makes you think anyone could have done anything for him? If he really wanted to reach out, chances are he would have. Being a professional that helped others, he knew more than anyone that when you are in that situation, you don't believe anyone can help. You actually believe that the world is better off without you. Mean comments aren't what pushed him over the edge. This is a man that had people that cared about him in his life. He didn't want to be saved. Still I'm sorry for your loss and for everyone elses' that his final act affected. If you didn't know how could anyone else have known? Take this as a learning moment. To reach out to the people that you love and make it known that you love them. To live every minute to the fullest and hold the memories that you had with him close to your heart. No one knows how long they have here and no one knows what it's really like to be in someone else's skin. Do what you can to be there for his family now that he bowed out. Take solace in the fact that the pain is over for him. Not everyone is made for this world.

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