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What is/are the most important truth(s) in Christianity that ensure your salvation?

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    Name is written into the Book of Life

    A friend to God but not a friend to the world.

    Not conformed to the world but transformed through the renewing of the mind.

    Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

    Having a yearning to be with Christ wherever that takes one.

    A burning desire to be in His presence through abiding in Him.

    Being born into sin/corruption of mankind means being required

    to be reborn with an uncorrupted new spirit of/from Jesus the Christ.

    Only Jesus was uncorrupted on this Earth. Only his uncorrupted Spirit

    is worthy of the required sacrifice for sins.

    Every one born into this world except Jesus requires this redemption

    through the sacrifice of Jesus in dispersing His Godly/pure Spirit for

    His own to be redeemed and born again.

    So to be sure of Salvation it is required to be

    1) converted or turned from earthly ways to Godly ways

    2) Repented or changed of earthly corrupted mindsets

    and actions to and from the earthly sin dimension to the Godly

    3) Redeemed by the pure righteous cleansing blood of Christ.

    4) Regularly partake of Christ's spiritual Body and Blood (Lord's Supper)

    5) Become as a very young child from the time of Christ and of the race

    of Judeans; meaning that a particularly genuine type of humility is required.

    6) Essential to Salvation is to be abiding in the True Vine which is Christ.

    This means having a genuine relationship whereby there is communication

    both ways between oneself and Christ ongoing.

    7) Must be hot having the Godly heat of concern, compassion, doing good

    in the land, being the salt/flavour/preservative and active ingredient that

    imparts Life into a given situation.

    All the above and more will enable one to do unto others as prefer to

    have done unto self.

    Also led to have and show evidence of Godly heat and esteem one for another

    (within body of Christ)

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    that you need to accept jesus into your heart to be saved

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