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I have an eating disorder I think and I'm terrified to eat food? PLEASE HELP?

I'm 19/a female. I'm 5'6 and a 11lbs...I have so much trouble eating. I think the name is orthorexia. Healthy foods are ok but I feel so guilty of I eat ANY junk. I have bad health anxiety and I worry the food I eat if it's unhealthy will kill me. We are having bojangles for dinner and is rather starve myself than to eat it because of the sodium and saturated fat. I think if I eat it my blood pressure will go up and I'll die. So tonight I'll barely eat. I eat healthy things but if I eat PNE bad thing I feel so scared for a week and refuse to eat any unhealthy fpods

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    Dear, with your anxiety and eating disorder, you need to see a therapist, get medication.

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    2 years ago

    118lbs not 11 lmao

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