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What does it mean her and her friends behave this way?

I met an older girl and she seemed to act like she's younger than me and flirts like girls younger than me. Well she teased me. Giggles a lot around me. I met her because she started laughing loudly at my jokes and talking to me and asked me to repeat it to her. She gets red while talking and hides her face smiles while not looking me in the eye. Well her friend pushes me to her and has me talk to her asked me to chase her around. Has me tell her jokes and stories. She butts into my conversations and doesn't stop when I ignore. Her friend came and got me for a picture with her them and she wanted me next to her and closer. When I sat next to her she blushed. Lastly when I entered a room another one of her friends looked at her and said her name and the girl moved away. Her friend also started saying hi to me and she likes stuff on my Facebook and a picture with my dad tagged in it. The girl finds any way to compliment me and can only approach me with a friend she can't start a conversation very well with me she just builds off what I say to other people or responds to stuff, laughs loudly or has me repeat stuff to her.

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    WOW this kind of people would not stay close to me

    not even for 5 min

    Immature and stupid people are always a burden

    and this girl is one of them

    Now its up to you to decide

    if you want someone who as maturity and intelligence

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