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Could I use this method to scare the everloving crap out of door to door solicitors who ignore my no soliciting sign, without fear of arrest?

I have a clearly posted "No soliciting" sign on my door, and at least once a week some pest ignores it and bangs on my door anyway.

Here's the deal: I live in a two house Cul-De-Sac out of view of any neighbors except for the house directly across from me. This house is occupied by my best friend, who regularly hangs out at my house.

Suppose he starts bringing his AR-15 over to my house. Next time there is a knock at my door, I go into another room and any friend answers the door, leaving his gun just out of sight.

If its a salesperson with a spiel, the pulls out the AR-15, places the barrel against the flunkout's nose, and tells him he has 5 seconds to get out of his sight before he fills his empty cranium with hot lead.

At this point the solicitor will run away with soiled underpants.

But notice how my gun wielding friend ordered him "out of sight?" That means the solicitor wont see him going back to his house across the street with his gun, where he will close the blinds and not answer the door.

Then if solicitor comes back to my house with the police, he will see me, and as I bear no resemblence to my friend whatsoever, he will say "But that's not the guy."

When the police explain their business, I say, "Wow, sorry that happened to you buddy, but it wasn't here. Officers, I do own a couple of handguns and can show you what I have if you want to see if they match whatever description this gentleman gave you, and you are welcome to search my entire home."


And as a handgun would never be mistaken for an AR-15, the firearm in description will not be found in my home. The solicitor can swear up and down this was the house it happened at, but when the victim themself say that I'm not the guy who threatened them, and the gun is never found in my possession, I don't think there will be much of a case against me.

It will look to any impartial observer that the solicitor is mistaken about the house.

Update 2:

Then police will conclude things by telling the solicitor "I suggest in the future you obey no soliciting signs so this kind of thing doesn't happen again."

(I'll have taken mine down and put it through the paper shredder in the interval so it doesn't help identify my house if he mentions the sign to the police.)

Also, my neighbors house looks nothing like mine so it's unlikely the police will be over there, but if so, thats why his blinds are drawn and hes not answering.

Could this work?

Update 3:

And remember, all the solicitor had to do when he approached my house was heed my no soliciting sign and walk away, and that would have been the end of it. Once they make the choice to disregard it and knock anyway, that opportunity has passed.

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    Since you have all the answers, who is your alibi? After all, you weren't home at the time of the incident.

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    It might work once. But eventually you'd get caught. Someone would be using their phone to record or would have a dashcam in their car. They'd be able to prove that it happened, and that it happened at your house.

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