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I saw my friends ***** WHAT DO I DO!?

this is just a summary because the thing that happened is a long one so basically I went to my friends house and we have known each other all are lives and I was curious about this one day I asked my friend do you masturbate, he knows what sex is from his school and after I asked him he pulled his pants down and started playing with himself this didn't surprise me with him getting his penis out he does this a lot but I was surprised that he was playing with himself in front of me I was looking at him and he said to me why are you looking I am not gay so I ignored him about a minute later he finally put his penis back into his pants and everything was normal btw he is 11 I'm 13 the next day we did everything as normal talked played games and when I asked him why he started playing with himself he got his penis out and said suck it he didn't say it as a command or aggresively more as a joke and then once again everything was normal and then the next day I said to him that Im not gay and that he gets his penis out so much it doesn't bother me anymore and I usually say to him jokingly I bet you cant even get a ***** but this time he stuck his hands into pants and I guess started to play with himself until he got a ***** then he pulled it out this shocked me and I just sat on his bed and then he put it back into his pants and then the next day I asked him why do you always have you hands in your pants he said because I get a ***** and I have released he always has one or both of


hands In his pants does he have a ***** around me btw we are both male also his he horny or something with him masturbating infront of me what do I do I don't know

Update 2:

I meant pockets not pants he always around has his hands or hand in his pockets

btw I am not trolling I really want to know what to do in this situation

Update 3:

situation was autocorrect I cant remember what is was I was supposed to type

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    Starting with puberty, boys get erections all the time, no matter who they're around. Boys develop at different ages. Your younger friend may just be a little ahead of you. Also, everyone has a different sense of modesty; some like to actually show off. It's hard to say for sure what's going on with your friend. It's normal and common for boys to play, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." And to be curious if other boys masturbate, too. It's a little unusual that your younger friend doesn't ask you any questions.

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    do nothing and act like it never happened

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Two definite ways to spot a troll... When they post a story as opposed to asking a question... And when they try to say that they are not a troll.

    Grow up retard! Go play somewhere else.

  • lila
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    2 years ago

    Your friend is just horny.

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