am I overreacting to being mugged?

I work at a huge famous farmers market and it's pretty fun and exciting, crazy stuff can happen, but this by far was the worst, someone mugged me and I thought I was going to die.

I turned away from my money for just a few seconds and as I turned back around a man was stealing it, I run after him, shout for someone to stop him! a straight up frickin hero of a dude catches this guy and throws him to the ground, I grab my money box and the thief gets to his feet and reaches, I for sure thought it was a gun, I was so scared I thought me and the hero were goners.

it turned out to be pepper spray, however. it was a giant canister he got hero pretty bad then practically full body doused me so it was way worse than anything I've experience i.e. HOURS of trying to get the **** out of my hair, ears, eyes, nails, cuts and scrapes and whatever else all over my upper body and what have you. horrific experience. induring this, honestly I almost wish I'd been shot.

so anyways dude gets away. it wasnt a gun, but the feeling of fear and trauma wont go away, this horrible feeling that i thought I was going to die. I'm too scared right now to go back to work, but I have to eventually. i just dont understand why i keep crying about this and I cant find anyone to relate to. Am I just being a ******* baby? do people get over being mugged and thinking that they could have been killed and I'm just stuck here overreacting?

I just dont know how to handle these emotions and feel so alone..

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    it's often reported that violently traumatic experiences can result in long term symptoms of things like depression, anxiety, that's what they call ptsd in combat veterans, and they're not the only ones that can be affected that way.

    if you can't deal with it yourself, look for counseling

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