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Why do men act like this?

He and I aren't in a relationship we would only meet up to have sex. And he talks to other women so why was he upset when I told him I had someone else? No I wasn't trying to be a b*tch. I told him because I didn't think he wanted to hook up with me anymore. And I wanted to be honest with him because sometimes he would ask me I was having sex with other men. While I was having sex with him.

And as for it bruising his ego how could that be the case? When we weren't together? It shouldn't matter.

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    "I told him because I didn't think he wanted to hook up with me anymore". So you decided how he feels and thinks and acted based on those delusions. Pretty common really. I don't see the whole conversation but I can tell you it's exhausting and irritating to live in pretend land with your feeling and thoughts chosen for you by others.

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    You're right, it shouldn't matter. If you both haven't agreed to be exclusive to each other, then it doesn't matter who you have sex with. Ask him what he thinks the 'rules' are. He might have a different belief than you do and you'll need to work that out together.

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    Men are like this because men see women as their items, possessions. This is 100% true. Men like to control everything and everyone around them, but as soon as that one person or thing starts to distance themselves from that man, a defense mechanism is activated through either agrrssion or manipulation, in order to stop this so called distance from expanding even more. He seems to be claiming you as a possession, and is after other women to amplify his ego. When he sees you talking or wanting another man, that's a threat for him, because that man is stealing his valuables. But you aren't a valuable, because you're priceless. **** that man, ditch his ***.

    Source(s): 16 year old boy
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