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Is it possible to rewire & update electrical with tenants living there?

I have an old triplex that should be updated electrically. The problem is I have tenants in each unit. Although not perfect tenants, is there such a thing, I don't want to boot them out. They've all lived there a long time, and it doesn't look like any of them plan to ever move.

It sounds like this could turn into a big job, so how would you advise me to go about this? Does this take a long time to have done? I've only spoke with one electrician & he was far from helpful. He won't be who I hire, but thought I'd check on here & see what any of you think before I proceed. Thanks for any advise. Do you think this will be real expensive, I fear it will be but I guess I have no other choice.


I never asked for sure what it would cost. I would not think anyone would know this. I only asked what you might think it would cost. I never hired an electrician. I only talked with one & plan to talk with others. Try to be nice if at all possible. I have to laugh at times how some people are so unhappy with their lives they pick apart every little question, and then actually claim someone is a troll when that's what they are. I'm always polite when I answer question & you should also.

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    U rw trolling. Firsr of all u wouldnt be able to rent your place with wrong wiring - we bought a house built in 60, some of the wiring is still original, and when we were buying the plqce we were informed we woudlnt be able to rent it unless we rewire, we re not intending to rent it. Nevertheless we aske dour neighbour who happend to be a ceteifided electrician and he told us the estimate. And it is not even whole place - just a few outlets. And u mean u hired an electrician and he didnt tell u how much would it cost? And u re able to do it with tenants living in if they agree. But i sense smth troll post here

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    2 years ago

    " Although not perfect tenants, is there such a thing,"

    YES there is such a thing and I have many.

    You get on the phone ask for estimates from several electrical, LICENSED, companies and you ask all these questions of THEM. The answer could be very different given the specific building etc so no one here can tell you exactly!

    So you have 3 other accounts you use to thumbs down answers you do not like, right?

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