Should I report this to my General Manager?

I’ve been working at The Cheesecake Factory for 4 months now. Tuesday, I went to talk to the GM about my time punch. We were causally talking and she said she needs to give me more hours since I’ve only been getting one shift a week. Friday, she did the schedule and she did what she said she was going to do. I got 3 working shifts in a week. I was so happy because it was the first time I got 3 shifts in one week. Anyways, my coworker text me saying can he have my Saturday shift. I said no, I need it. He then says his hours decreased because of me. I had a feeling he was going to text our bakery manager telling him to take me off the schedule and put him on. The next day, I check and the bakery manager took me off and put my coworker on (taking my shift away from me and giving it to him). I feel disrespected and insulted. Should I report this to the GM?

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    Absolutely. Instead of "tattling", ask her if she knows why the bakery manager took you off the shift. Then tell her that xxx had asked for the shift, and you said no, because you needed it and the GM was expecting YOU to work it.

    One thing you should think about. How does you coworker know he was taken off the shift "because of you". Is someone gossiping about the schedule to other employees? Is your GM gossiping about you to your coworker, or to the bakery manager?That's not okay.

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