Could this be appendicitis please help me?

So on Friday evening I was driving home and got a sudden wave of pain on my extremely lower right side, near my vagina. The pain was like being stabbed, it then began to feel like i drank poison, like this nasty feeling going down my throat to stomach. It subsided after an hour. The next day there was slight discomfort but totally bareable...I felt perfectly fine. However a few hours ago it came back but worse. And this time my whole stomach felt like I was being stabbed, and had cramps. I had sex so I’m sure it irritated whatever it was. I went to urgent care yesterday morning and they said it was just pain from stomach is bloated I look like I’m pregnant. I’m not constipated—I went yesterday morning. I’ve been more gassy than normal but other than that I don’t have a ton of symptoms. Just bloating, and lower right abdominal pain. Could this be my appendix? I really don’t want to pay for an ER visit? If it is could I wait a few days until I can get an appointment

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    Appendicitis comes with specific symptoms. One of these is rebound pain. That is, press on the appendix area. This will not hurt. But relaxing the pressure causes rebound pain.

    Check the Merck Medical Manual online for symptoms of appendicitis, gall bladder pain, and pain from other abdominal organs.

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