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Is it bad that I don't feel bad for Palestinians being shot since they should back away from what isn't theirs?

Jerusalem = Belongs to Israel and always has been.

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  • Uh no it hasn't.

    Are you aware that a fairly high percentage of Palestinians have the genetic markers in common with Jews? It pretty much shtcans any of the silly claims that ancient Jews conquering the area somehow give modern Jews a right to it.

    Israel has conquered its neighbors and is ethnically cleansing them to steal their land.

  • Before they were displaced by Zionist terrorism, the Palestinian people had lived in their land for at least 5,000 years. Until 75AD, Jews shared the land with them and had their own city which is now part of modern Jerusalem. The people who now make up much of the population of the State of Israel are not related to either group. They are the descendants of Baltic farmers who converted to Judaism in the 12th century in order to obtain Papal protection from the Hanseatic Knights. The homeland for Baltic Jews is East Prussia, now annexed by Russia as the Kaliningrad Oblast. Ask your friend Mr Putin if you can have it back. Then Israelis could all move there and give Palestine back to the Palestinians.

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    You have rewritten history so you must be an American.

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    well, that's the problem.........actually, it IS theirs........and that's been the entire issue from day 1-

    They were thrown OFF THEIR land, to make way for this new country of "Israel" which was created by Super Powers , who decided to carve up the Ottoman empire...with zero regard for the people who just so happen to be currently living on that land.......for generations.

    If the land should be given "back" to "Israel" since they occupied it 2,000 years ago..........

    then by all means............set the example and give Manhattan, and in fact, the entire USA back to the Indians, and show us how it's done. Because hey, 2,000 years was all theirs........and we broke every last treaty we ever signed with them..........and slaughtered them all......and shoved all their descendants onto "reservations".

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    The days of sulky hissy fits to convince AREN'T PAYING OFF!

    Too bad much of those "claims" are being debunked!

    Even stranger how all the Jews in the world don't go to the "paradise" of Zionist Israel. One wonders why not?

    Ah! All that money squandered. All that power possessed via Zionist inclined Israeli-Americans and still the spin is seen for precisely what it is. BS!

    What happens to that spurious agreement when good ole America financially TANKS? Worse then in 1929.

    Think Americans are going to be more concerned about Zionists?

    Or will the Israeli billionaires bankrolling the clones (republicans=democrats), also "fund" real jobs for the masses?

    @American constitutionalist lets see who the masses back when the U.S. economy TANKS! Smoke and mirrors only work for so long, and no longer. "If The Economy is So Good, Why Are Wages Flat?"

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    Well It's not good.

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    Yes, that is bad. Not feeling empathy for people and not valuing human life is very bad. You are a scary person and I hope I never cross paths with you. It is also bad that you don't know anything about history except for what your Sunday school teacher tells you.

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    Do you have any argument to support that that is not based in irrational religious belief or some vague, irrelevant, and hardly detectable genetic connection from thousands of years ago?

    The "Jews" that originally reestablished modern day Israel with permission of the Brits came from Europe and still are genetically European. They are not their own unique race. The only "connection" they have to the land is their religion.

    But, I'm sorry to say, just because your magic man in the sky says land is yours doesn't mean it's yours. You need a better argument than that to convince people who have an IQ of at least double digits.

    "Well, somebody's triggered I see."

    Sorry I triggered you. I'll put up a warning next time.

    "It doesn't even have to do with the belief of God. The Bible specifically mentions that Israel has owned Jerusalem for thousands of years"

    So, again, it's based on nonsense religious belief from thousands of years ago?

    "and even if you don't believe in the Bible, that still doesn't change the fact that Israel stands today in the exact same place as it did 2000 years ago."

    The Israel today has no connection to the Israel thousands of years ago besides religion. Hence why I said you need to believe in the religion in order to take the connection seriously in the slightest.

    Believing Israel magically belongs to modern day Jews that have no connection to the story thousands of years ago at all necessarily requires you believing in a magic man in the sky in order to conclude that magical connection is somehow anything more than fairy tale.

    Sorry if facts trigger you and hurt your feelings, sorry if this is going to make you cry.

    But your magic man in the sky does not exist, and your magical claims about owning land you have no connection to is not convincing to anyone who is not brainwashed and still has functioning mental capacity.

    "Beside the Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Galilee, and Euphrates River. So, why does the Bible mention that if its apparently just "made up"?"

    I never claimed that the Bible made it up, frankly, it's irrelevant. The modern day Israel was purposefully modeled after the Biblical Israel. So of course it's going to be in the same place.

    "Like I said, not a theological argument, but a geographical one."

    Again, this is utter stupidity. This is literally as stupid as if Russians decided to start calling themselves Native Americans despite having no connection to Native America and then came in here to conquer North America and drive out the white European Americans living there, and then saying "well this America it's in the same place that Native American folklore tells me about so I have a geographical claim to this land!!!"

    Seriously, how can you not see how utterly insane this is? You have to be completely brainwashed by your religion to possibly expect anyone to take this kind of claim seriously.

    "Oh my, I'm so offended, NOT. You're the one that keeps bringing up God, it's quite obvious you're the triggered one."

    Oh, it's me who keeps bringing up religion? Let's see how long it takes you to bring up your religion...

    "And like I said, I DON'T CARE if they just took back the land in 1948. This isn't even about the current day owners. The Bible says"

    LOL you immediately bring it up again! It's YOU who keeps doing it. Again, I DON'T CARE WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS.

    Modern day Jews who created the state of Israel were Jewish converts from Europe. They have no connection to the Israel of the Bible in the slightest besides sharing the same religion.

    So it's a RELIGIOUS claim. Not a real claim of any actual substantiative worth.

    "that BACK THEN a legally binding contract."

    First of all, no, your magic book is not a "legally binding contract".

    But let's say it is.

    If I legally own a mansion and I am a Muslim, and I die, some other random person from the other side of the world decides to convert to Islam, they can't then demand the house belongs to them because they shared the same religion.

    That's not how property rights work! You don't get to claim you own land because you happen to share the same religion of people who died thousands of years ago!

    "Jerusalem belonged to Israel, and it exists in the same place it does today."


    "So whether or not the Jews of today are related to the Jews of back then are irrelevant."

    It is relevant to the point that IT IS NOT THE SAME ISRAEL.

    "The bottom line is, Israel is Israel and Jerusalem is Jerusalem. And Jerusalem belongs to ISRAEL. Not Palestine."

    This is a logical fallacy called "equivocation". These are two completely different and unrelated nations both named "Israel".

    You try to use an old book to prove that Jerusalem belongs to one Israel, then conclude modern day Jerusalem must belong to modern day Israel.


    "The Russians never said that they became Indians, though."

    Are you honestly that stupid? I wasn't literally claiming that, moron! I was using that hypothetical to illustrate my point!

    "And I'm not saying the Jews are the Jews of back then. But like I JUST MENTIONED Israel exists in the same place and so does Jerusalem."

    Which is irrelevant because they are DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.

    "What part that is so hard for YOU to understand?"

    How did I not understand it? I never denied your point, I literally acknowledged it as true and addressed it multiple times.

    As I said (and I'm having to repeat myself because you're illiterate): modern day Israel was modeled after the Biblical Israel, so OF COURSE it is in the same place. But that's IRRELEVANT because it's still a DIFFERENT COUNTRY.

    "It's utterly idiotic to suggest that "Oh my, the modern day people just made modern day places with the same names and tried to make it fall into what the Bible says to fool people" because that's the most insane argument ever made."


    Here's some history for your ignorant retarded as⁣s who clearly knows NOTHING about what is going on in Israel:

    1. Biblical Israel ceased to exist for thousands of years.

    2. Europeans who were converted into Judaism were being persecuted in Europe during the early 20th century.

    3. Theodor Herzl founded the Zionist movement, where he argued that European Jews should seek a nation to themselves to escape persecution.

    4. During the fall of the Ottoman Empire, inspired by Herzl's Zionism, these European Jews petitioned the British government to give them land in the region.

    5. Britain did and issued the Balfour Declaration, granting the Jews land to build a new Israel where the Biblical Israel was.

    THAT'S how modern day Israel was founded, it's a NEW country MODELED on the Biblical Israel.

    Modern day Israel is an incredibly recent country that was only officially recognized as a country back in 1948.

    It is modeled after Biblical Israel but is a completely different country than the Israel thousands of years ago. That Israel died. The new Israel was only founded very recently by white Europeans who had no genetic connection to Biblical Israel. Only a religious one. So they modeled the new country after their Biblical holy text.

    Not to "fool people", I never said that, you made that up because you're an intellectual midget.

    They did it because they truly believe in their religion!

    Source(s): "Though the finding may seem intuitive, it contradicts the notion that European Jews mostly descend from people who left Israel and the Middle East around 2,000 years ago. Instead, a substantial proportion of the population originates from local Europeans who converted to Judaism"
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    yes it is you are wrong there has to be a better way there are two sides to an argument this is ignorance of all others view like you

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