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Again, the far left antifa socialists created violence in their desires for a purge. When will they be blasted from the face of this earth?

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    2 years ago
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    When I pull my gun out and start blasting them.

  • This isn't about them, this may be about you and your inability to cope with ideas opposite of yours. It is as if you hold hate in your heart due to fear of being outvoiced and fear of losing yourself, a form of insecurity. So you hide behind this Anonymous concept in order to hide who you truly are, because you want people to listen but not openly mock you as a person, but yet you seem to do the same with any different ideas. The only solution my friend is to be open the world, stop letting hate flow thru you and allow the rationality to flow thru you, only then will you realize who you are now is nothing in comparison of who you could be.

  • 2 years ago

    seems like you are the one who wants a purge buddy.

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