Jesus at 12 years was left behind at the feast unbeknownst by His parents. Who's fault was this? Why? How could this happen? See details?

A newspaper reported that the world's foremost leader of religion said that 'Jesus most likely would have begged His parent's forgiveness '

What does this suggest regarding this leaders view of the divinity of Jesus?

Does this dogmatic position line up with the Bible?

Can a Bible believer follow such a position?

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    2 years ago
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    It seems that Mary and Joseph changed a lot from the very godly couple they were. Likely routine, mundane stresses of life plus ongoing inuendos about Jesus.

    When Jesus said 'Wist ye not...' we can know Jesus had been preparing them.

    But the parents forgot Who Jesus was. Just their son. I think they dismissed what he said as silliness.

    If you had offspring wouldn't you make sure they were getting ready, were with you?

    Seems basic. And remiss they didn't bother one whole day!!

    Not thinking about him.

    Jesus would have met various ones at the temple and conversation ensued.

    Jesus makes it clear He is not of Mary and Joseph.

    We notice only Mary speaks to Jesus. No words from Joseph?

    Sounded like Jesus was a burden to them.

    And it further sounded like slave labor for Mary and all the offspring.

    Sounded like the sons went to religious schools.

    Who paid?

    Who paid the dowry's of the girls?

    Joseph died.

    I see a hardness there, lack of real concern.

    And then Jesus subjected Himself...for 18 YEARS??!!

    Whoever said those words wasn't considering what Jesus said, or Who He was.

    It seems very few ever acknowledged that, then or now.

    What a put down.

    We must stay clear of wrong doctrine.

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