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Is Trump going after Lebron James because his nickname is "The King" and that makes Trump jealous?

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    Why would President Trump be jealous again? I doubt he feels threatened by Lebron. Did it upset you because he's ayour idol? Sorry but playing sports doesn't compare to what president Trump has accomplised in his life, anyone would be a fool to say otherwise. So he cheated? Who hasn't . So he has a big mouth? I'm sure you or someone you know does too. At least President Trump let's everyone know he is watching and listening out there. I never heard Obama for 8 years

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    No. Lebron opened a public school for disadvantaged children. Trump can't figure out why anyone would do that. His thoughts are more like putting up a private school and make a ton of money, and people who put up public schools are stupid.

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    Lebron make comments about Donald, Donald fires back.

    President Trump IS NOT your TYPICAL R.I.N.O.

    Gotta'respect BOTH of them for THEIR OPINIONS, EH???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Puzzie night tonight, huh?

    YOU hurt his feelings!

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    Perhaps. Trump just hates everyone. He's a sociopath who has never had any real friends and nothing but Trophy wives who he cheats on with pornstars and playboy bunnies. Trump is a real piece of work.

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