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Is this guy just trying to get his ego stroked?

he knows i used to really like him and hes been away. while he was away i was told that he was in love and had a gf and it was true since it came from his family. when he came home as soon as he seen me in our club he came over and i assume he thought i would be delighted to see him and waiting for me to say hi etc. but i ignored him and walked past him. why should i be all smiles to him and welcoming when he obviously doesnt feel the same way about me as i did with him. next time he seen me i was with my friend in a cafe and he walked straight over to me and said you ignored me the last time you seen me and he something about me always relaxing. i was fairly surprised he said anything since most of our past conversations have been forced and awkward with neither of us saying much.

Anyway when he said i ignored him, i said oh did i and then i told him he looks fit and instead of saying thanks or returning the compliment he started going on about his boring diet to me and my do you think he was just expecting me to stroke him ego as usual when i ignored him instead?

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    I'll tell you, right after you convince me that your posting anonymously is justified in some way and that you're not trolling.

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