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la fitness training?

Hi I wanted to make this post and try to get some answers. I signed up for a training membership 6 months ago. When I was speaking with the employee he mentioned that if I'd want to cancel my membership I'd have to pay have of what's owed. I stopped him and said "wow, so if I wanted to quit now I'd have to pay off half of the year left?" and he said "No just the next month". When I went to pay off the next month he then said I'd have to pay half of the whole year. I said, "You said it'd be what's owed for next month?" and he said that he didn't and it's the whole year. I specifically remember asking about paying what's left for the year because if that was something told to me upfront, I never would have done it. I just want to know is there a way I can get out of it without it ruining my credit. I know there will be people saying "You idiot you should have read the contract" but please, if it's going to be negative or scolding don't respond. I've been scolded enough as it is. I read about cancelling my cards, but I'm unsure if that'll ruin my credit. Any advice helps. Thank you!!!

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    No, there is no way to get out of it. Even if you cancel your credit cards, you will still have to pay the money.

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    2 years ago

    If it says in the contract u must pay severance fee in the amount of half year membership there is no way u will be able to avpid that witjout it ruining your credit. He said i said dont mean anything anywhere. U put your signature under some text. Now it is time to read it. U should have read it before u signed it.

    If u cancel your card they will sell your bill to collector's agency and they will take what u own and plus some extra penalty fees. If i refuse to pay they will take u to court. Tjey make business out of it

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