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What to do if my friend kills herself?

A friend of mine killed herself before I woke up, and it hurts to lose a friend forever. What should I do? Should I kill myself, should I talk to someone? :(


She ended up surviving and now, a few months later, we got together.

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    Honestly it does hurt. I know how it it feels. you feel as if you should have been there, but you werent. The thing is you were there you were her friend that is all she could have asked for. You feel that pain but really to do anything rash wouldnt solve the pain, but pass it on to someone else. Time does heal but you will always have memories and scars. That fact is live your life for two now. Live for you and for them.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Talk to someone. If nothing else, call a crisis hotline to talk to someone. SHE killed herself, no reason to kill yourself over her shortcomings.

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    how old are you? Im sorry that you went through such a terrible thing but dont blame yourself. You're allowed to grieve and feel sad but don't do anything rash, remember the pain will pass and time heals everything. Talk to your other friends and possibly her parents/siblings.

  • Kira
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    2 years ago

    Talk to someone , don't kill yourself . It hurts to lose a friend but you will get over it like everybody else does.

    The friend who killed herself is kind of dumb. She threw away all the fun waiting for her in the future.

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