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How do I know if I'm really depressed?

I'm not one to usually self diagnose, but I've done a lot of extensive research and I'm pretty sure I'm depressed. I have wanted to end my life since I was 8 years old, I'm now 16. Everyday I struggle with small tasks, I get so stressed/frustrated/upset that I self harm. I can barely keep up with my thoughts and I genuinely just cannot stand myself and see myself only as a bother to those around me. When I was 13, a girl in my class reported my self harm to my school which then resulted in my parents guilt tripping me for months before bringing me to a doctor. My mom wouldn't let my doctor prescribe me anything, and eventually he said that due to my age (I was 14 at the appointment) I was probably faking depression. He still referred me to CAMHS, and since my parents were in the room I barely got to talk - it was just my parents saying how I was always so closed off and 'being a downer'. I ended up just lying to the workers which I know was wrong but before I even got a chance to talk they said I just wanted to be popular online so I faked depression to fit in. I've been considering going to a doctor, but I don't want to be put on a medication or sent back to camhs. I just want to know if I truly am depressed. My family and 'friends' all jsut tell me I'm faking it because I'm able to be cheerful sometimes. I just feel so hopeless and lost, like there's no way out and I don't know what to do.

If I went to a doctor alone at 16 or even 17, would they have to tell my parents?

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    You do sound depressed or even have emerging borderline personality disorder.

    You're an adult in the eyes of the NHS from the age of 16 so confidentiality is automatic. NHS guidelines prohibit the prescribing of antidepressants to adolescents so CAMHS focus on talking therapies instead. It was possible for you to see medical professionals without your parents knowing before you even turned 16 and it's a shame that so few adolescents are tols this fact.

    IN IRELAND: Young people aged 16 and 17 years-old also have rights to confidential healthcare. Once you turn 16 years-old, you have a legal right to go to a doctor on your own and for conversations with your doctor to be kept confidential. The doctor should not tell your parents or guardians anything without your permission. https://ie.reachout.com/getting-help-2/costs-and-c...

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    A doctor should keep everything you tell them confidential. If you say that you're suicidal then they should refer you to a therapist. Idk if you live in the UK but honestly CAMHS is such bullshit I feel bad that you had to suffer through that.

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    PROFESIONAL MENTAL HELP! that's how you know. You go get evaluated.

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    Doctors are not allowed to tell your parents or anyone else. They will keep it confidential. They will only tell if they feel that your life is at risk (and it isn't)

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    There are good books out there about handling depression. Go to an online bookstore and get a couple with high reader ratings.

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    Too much story.

    1. When you are crying all the time, and cannot really think of a reason why.

    2. When you would rather sit in the dark, than go out with friends and bowl.

    3. When you feel really sad for a Serial Murderer on death row.

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