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Do you think this guy is a selfish jerk for pressuring his girlfriend into getting married with him?

I have a friend (who is 18 years old), and he's forcing his girlfriend (who's also 18 years old) into marrying him even though they have only been dating for 3 months.

The thing is though, his girlfriend doesn't want to get married yet, and she told me this so I could talk him out of getting married so soon. I tried talking him out of it, but he got mad at me and cut me up.

Also the girlfriend told me that she was crying to her mother about not wanting to get married yet, and so the mother also tried to talk him out of getting married so soon. But like with me, he got mad at his girlfriend's mother, and was actually cutting her up too and was actually telling her that she doesn't know what's best for her daughter.

Because of all this stuff, I'm starting to not want to be friends with this guy anymore.

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    Well, I think eighteen years old is too young to get married, maybe they should wait a little more time, but each one is each one right?

    If this guy wants to get married with this chick, better him got some good ''goodies'' like a big house and a big and happy financial situation, if she accept it, so he should be a good man for her, for ever.

    But if she doesn't wanted, he's a moron to be persistent on it

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    Aye defo

  • 2 years ago

    definitely, i could never be with a guy like that

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