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On a scale 1 to 10, how would you rate Drew McIntyre?














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    Strength- 5. I'll say average. Outside of the occasional tombstone piledriver I can't think of many times I've seen him so much as suplex someone off their feet. He looks in good health though.

    Speed- 6. He moves around pretty well for his size.

    Agility- 3. I'd imagine getting your feet up for the Claymore isn't easy, but it's about all I have to go on. Drew stays pretty planted most of the time.

    Technical- 3. He can wrestle, but I don't see counter wrestling or collegiate grappling in his game. He's pretty textbook.

    Heel- 6. He's a good heel. I wouldn't call him the best ever, but he does well enough.

    Striking- 6. Again, he seems pretty standard with his strikes. They look convincing enough for wrestling, and the Claymore looks pretty snug.

    Mic-Skills- 6 or 7. Drew's problem is that, face or heel, he's been cutting the same promo since TNA. He comes across confident in his words, but he needs to find something new to talk about.

    Stamina- 8. Never seen Drew blow up, but it's been rare that I've seen Drew go the distance.

    Theme-Song- 5 I don't know his current theme, but his old one was great. I'm guessing it's some metalcore sounding stuff like he used everywhere else. It's fine.

    Presence- 8. He cuts an impressive figure, he has great facial expressions, and he's a good looking dude.

    Entrance- 5. Going off NXT and the indies, pretty meh. It's there.

    Toughness- 6. Tough enough to be a wrestler at least

    Psychology- 5. Nothing to write home about, but inoffensive.

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