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Is now the time for Mexico to realign itself with the USA and try to transfer manufacturing to their country and Central America?

A more prosperous Mexico and Central America keeps them from running to our borders. The offset would be zero tariffs and barriers with the USA.

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    The best way to stop migration from poor countries to rich countries is to boost the economy of poor countries.

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    2 years ago

    It's not Mexico that needs to realign itself with the USA, the US has always been hostile towards Mexico and Latin American countries in general. The US could easily make good relations with Mexico if they wanted to. They just don't want to. They'd rather spend trillions of dollars destroying countries in the middle-east then investing in the economies of their neighbors.

    "That is garrbage. It was Mexico that sided with the Nazis"

    Mexico did not side with the Nazis. You are probably thinking of the Zimmerman Telegram, which was from WW1 not WW2, and it was simply an offer from Germany. Mexico could not even have acted upon it if they wanted to since they just came out of the Mexican Revolution.

    "and then Nationalized American factories in Mexico."

    Oh so because Mexico wants to use their own industries to help their own people rather than be exploited by America they're "hostile to America"? LOL

    "They set up the taxing systems and restricted US goods."

    ...Nearly EVERY country on the PLANET has tariffs and taxation. The US did the same thing to Japan to preserve their truck industry.

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    2 years ago

    Dude. Mexico builds all your cars and electronics.

    The problem isn't industry. It's wages. Low Wages.

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